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Do you have an idea for a podcast, a song, an interview or a recording? I'll help you prepare everything for your project and bring it to the recording stage - from finding the right ideas to professional technology and optimal sound. Every step is always decided so that our common goal is achieved: great recordings.


Boom Operator

You're stiil waiting for your work to boom? Book me as the professional boom operator for your project. Don't leave the perfect sound to chance.


Sound Design

The door is oinking like a pig, the rustling bag drowns out every other sound? Am I hearing that right? I create the proper sound for you and make sure that a door creaks when it is supposed to and that a bag rustles, or not.



Ring, ring... Who forgot to turn off their phone? That ringtone was not supposed to be part of the scene? The background noises are too loud and the sound still does not fit? I get the best out of your sound. For all "uuuhs" to become "aaahs"!



Please, louder, I don't understand anything! It's too loud now! I like to make balancing the individual audio tracks part of my job. It is so enjoyable when an entire sound image comes into being. So that you and your project are heard. So that the message comes across!


Hybrid events

Hybrid events - quite tricky, but also fantastic! Now we can participate in the event from anywhere - on location, in the office, or right on the computer at home. But wait, I only understand half of it. And where is Mrs Müller actually standing? I can't quite see her in the picture! To make sure everything works, book me as a professional for your hybrid event!


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Let's walk the path to your next production together. Find out why the choice of sound plays a crucial role. I'll show you the importance of hitting the right sound and the impact it has on the final product. Let's explore together the importance of sound quality and discover how it can improve your production.