Fader and microphone
Why does your project benefit from good mixing?

The podcast or song is recorded. Finally! Now, good mixing puts the finishing touches to your project. The so-called mixdown is the combination of e.g. voice recordings, sound elements or instruments. Different parametres such as dynamics, volumes and panorama settings are merged into a so-called “stem”. As a result of this combination and the editing at the different levels of the sound files small errors can be adjusted or the volume can be equalized. In the end, I can provide a 5.1 mix, a stereo mix or Dolby Surround sound, depending on your requirements.

What can I do for you?

As your man for the right sound, I offer the following services in mixing:

  • Mixing
  • Converting
  • Mastering

In terms of mixing I mainly support productions like feature films, commercials, the creation of radio plays but also podcasts.

When mixing a project, I can meet volume guidelines like the Europen standadard of - EBU - R128 or adapt the sound to specifications from platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.